My Career Path (a little background):

I started working at age 16 and have not stopped. My experience includes jobs in the fields of retail, medical, non profits, and corporate.

I recently worked at a great Fortune 100 company in the Silicon Valley and have been able to take time out to pause, reflect, and find my purpose and an identity to supplement my corporate personality.

I’ve been blessed with great managers and mentors and was privileged to wear many hats in different areas including: Front and Back Medical Offices (crossed trained), Sales, and many roles in the Human Resources Department. My experience also includes being an Event Consultant and then moved to become a Global Event Strategist. I also sat on the Headquarter’s Site Council Committee which helped to attract and retain the employees and create a sense of community and pride in the company.

Skills I’ve Acquired Through Training:

  • Strategy and execution for both larger corporate events, and smaller special events; some that have never been done before at the company; that were fun and engaging.
  • Exceptional budget management, negotiation and organizational skills; track record of effectively managing up to a million dollar budget.
  • Strong leadership skills with a proven track record of managing talented “virtual” and “onsite” teams of up to 100 people to deliver effective, integrated programs and results.
  • Designed, managed, and executed programs that drove key People Resources priorities and objectives  that strengthened employee and manager experience around growth and development, community, and wellness.
  • Partnered with many non profits to include The Discovery Museum, Habitat For Humanity, Room To Read, Art In Action, Project Night Night, Boys and Girls Club, Cops Care for Cancer and more to deliver programs that strengthened the community.
  • Humility via having served on 2 global mission trips where we provided medical, dental, relief goods and spiritual fellowship to impoverished communities.
  • A clear vision on what a “real” team seeking the heart of God and executing with a common goal to serve those in need should look like.
  • In working as a Volunteer Manager for hospice, I have a better understanding of death and dying and trying to pursue the things that matter most and keeping those that are most sacred closest to me.
  • A higher Faith from seeing God perform many good works through my team and people around me.

I am looking for exceptional talent to build a team that is interested in enhancing wellness in their community and make money doing so at the same time.

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