Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for supporting me in enhancing natural wellness throughout the world. I feel so blessed to be able to share different ways to heal homes emotionally, spiritually and physically. I appreciate your time and your trust in the ways my team and I share natural remedies with you.

How you have supported our mission and helped the world:

  1. You’ve learned how to heal your homes naturally and reduced toxic load with your doTERRA kits
  2. You’ve provided cleaner air in your environments via certified therapeutic grade essential oils
  3. You are sharing the power of essential oils and teaching your kids, friends and loved ones how to heal with plants
  4. Via Healing Hands Foundation, you’ve brought healing and hope to the world, for lives  free of disease and poverty, and ultimately taught impoverished cultures to be self reliant
  5. You’ve helped provide feminine hygiene and education
  6. Combatted Sex Trafficking
  7. Built clean water wells and programs
  8. Built revitalizing schools and clinics
  9. Provided medical equipment and resources for hospitals and clinics
  10. Healed the earth by supporting farmers with planting more crops and trees
  11. You have also helped me with my ultimate WHY via the With Grace Foundation in which I serve on the Board and help manage as Director. 10% of my doTERRA profits goes towards our Foundation’s mission work

Give yourself a pat on the back for all of these accomplishments. =)

If you haven’t yet participated and wish to be a part of this awesome movement to change the world and upgrade your wellness, go HERE. If you want to get plugged in to a class in San Jose to learn more about essential oils, scroll down below for classes in December to register.



The Holidays can sometimes be a very hectic time and it is easy to become depressed or anxious. Below are some resources that can help. Praying for peaceful holidays filled with love and joy.

Science of Thought by Caroline Leaf

The Gut-Brain Connection by Dr. Axe

Clear Your Mind Yoga Routine by Tara Stiles

Emotional Aromatherapy With Nicole Stevens



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With gratitude,

Grace Dancel