Hello friends and family. We pray this note finds you well. Most of you know it’s been my family’s dream (3 years in the making) to do a mission trip in the Philippines. And now our church (River of Life Family Church) is stepping out into the field in faith this February 2016 !!


Why the Philippines?

1.It’s an impoverished country open to the gospel.

2.Our church has been involved in a mission project that provides medical and humanitarian relief to the poorest parts of the country.

3.We will be able to target both physical and spiritual needs as an extension of the Lord’s hand.

What work will be cut out for us?

1.Preach the love of Jesus in churches and to the Aeta Tribe (one of the last indigenous tribes located in the Philippines).

2.Bring comfort to the elderly, food for the hungry and medical support to the sick.

3.Bring vision and positive lifestyles to the youth, just to name a few.

How can you be involved?

1.Pray for our mission and our safe return home. We need and appreciate your prayers. We are stepping out of our comfort zone by hiking up to a remote jungle in the mountains so we will also need your prayer for our team to stay physically and mentally healthy and strong.

2.Donate via cash and checks payable to River of Life Family Church or online.

3.Visit River of Life Family Church

  • Click on Donate at top right
  • Select  dollar amount
  • Check the box: I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund 
  • Drop Down to Grace and Ralph Castro. If your employer matches, please let us know so we can reconcile if needed. Many thanks!

We are very excited to help the tribes out in any way we can, but I am hearing from missionaries that have served around the world that they are actually the ones that learn so much and get blessed by the beautiful and resilient souls of the indegenous people.

“Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel” – Jesus