• Freedom?
  • And if yes then why? So you can drop off and pick up your kids from school? Be at home with your family more?
  • Have more time for self care and creativity?
  • Do you dream of traveling the world with your family and friends?
  • Be Debt Free?
  • Be FREE of the rat race?
  • Live like no other?
  • Live out your divine/soul purpose?

I want to share this story of James Bybee. He was bold and willing to ask himself “What else is possible?” for him and his family.

His journey into his doTERRA business had a rocky start, but when he chose to commit and be ALL-IN on the creative process of sharing the oils with his friends and family, EVERYTHING shifted.


  • Helping others?
  • Teaching?
  • Providing Solutions?
  • Photography?
  • Writing?
  • Designing and Executing Events?
  • Art?
  • Cooking?
  • Fashion?
  • Design?
  • Travel?
  • Gardening?
  • Music?

When is it that you naturally LIGHT UP and feel like your most authentic YOU?

What lights me up are moments when I get to go on Humanitarian Trips with my husband and son and we partner with a team to serve people via relief /medical aid, build wells, reduce plastic waste, etc.

Ice-cream is my weakness so I love to serve ice-cream!

The word “Freedom” keeps popping up in my mind. To be honest with you … that was my big motivator for stepping into building a doTERRA business. I want Time and Money Freedom. I want Financial Peace, be Free to Travel and be Free to Give.

Can you believe that while I was on the mission field in the picture above, I was getting paid by doTERRA (via a residual income and the week’s BOGO’s) while doing what I loved most?

A few years ago, I was working in my Corporate Job, feeling exhausted, disconnected from my family, and myself. I was commuting close to 2 hours per day to get to my job. I felt like I wanted to do more Soul and Spiritual Work. Something needed to shift.

Then I got recruited in the medical field in a job that would allow me to work part time and share doTERRA and make more connections with people that are open to Natural Wellness. This job would allow me to share God’s Love and allow me to enhance wellness at the same time!

I was given the chance to create the success I desired in a way that also afforded me more flexibility and freedom in my life. I was given the chance to make breakfast for my son, drop and pick him up from school in a way that wasn’t frantic and rushed like I used to do.

You see, I think when you give everything up to God and let him clean out your heart so you can show up to serve people, he opens up paths where you thought there was not a way.


The concept of “Leveraged Income” was new to me at the time, but once I was explained what that meant, it was CLEAR that it was exactly what I was looking for.

Where are you at in life? Are you hauling buckets or creating a pipeline?

Are you building your dreams or someone else’s?

P.S….it is also completely okay to work your 9-5 until you can replace your income with doTERRA’s.

Did you know that partnering with doTERRA is a really smart choice, in a business sense? Check out below:

As you grow your pipeline, other lives are lifted. Every purchase changes growers’ lives and their communities for the better. Entire regions and cultures are impacted because you share health and hope.

Meet Kristen Pardue, she has a very inspiring story about creating Leveraged Income on her terms while working full time, being a wife and a mom.

The best thing about doTERRA is that you can always fit it in wherever you can get it in.

With a vision and belief, it’s all totally possible for you too.


Why Start A doTERRA Business?

  1. Sky is the limit when it comes to income.
  • You can make as much as you want
  • I have met a few people living that dream
  1. There’s Never Been A Better Time to Start This Wellness Journey
  • More and more people are getting sicker. Healthcare is failing. People are turning to natural remedies
  • There is a ton of scientific studies out regarding essential oils
  • Healthcare Industries now want to partner with Wellness Advocates for better health
  1. You are Your Own Boss and You Set Your Own Hours
  • Quality time with your family
  1. Your Beneficiaries Gets Your Residual Income
  2. You Can Take Time Off and Still Get Paid!
  3. Relationships
  • Team Leadership, Team Growth
  • Like Minded Community
  • The oils open people up to you
  • People want what you have
  1. Guaranteed Bonuses
  2. Financial Freedom
  • You can be debt free
  • Free to live any where you want
  • Free to give
  • If you hit a rank every year (or sooner), in 10 years, you can earn 7 figures
  • Free to live out your “WHY”


  1. Use doTERRA products:
    In order to share authentically and in alignment with your heart, start by being a product of the product.

I use doTERRA oils and Life Long Vitality Vitamins for my health, to feel energized, manage emotions, move through stagnation and the tough times in life. I also use the Skin Care products, Body Butter, Toothpaste, Cleaning Products, Hair Care Products etc.

This makes sharing doTERRA easy and organic for me because I have experience with the oils and can speak with truth that I am in love the doTERRA products.

  1. Share doTERRA:
    I invite others to learn about doTERRA’s natural solutions and the business as the opportunity presents itself. I show up to serve others and don’t show up to sell others. My intention is to meet people where they are at, and drop my own expectations. I align with my true desire to help others feel better and feel empowered, so in turn they can help others vibrantly as well.
  2.  Teach doTERRA:
    I present doTERRA’s message of wellness and financial prosperity over coffee/tea dates by scheduling one-on-ones with those who are interested in learning more about oils. I also present doTERRA to others in small, fun essential oils classes.

This allows me to connect with people one by one, form relationships and create a community of people who feel empowered in their health and financial abundance.

  1. Enroll in doTERRA:
    I enroll and empower others with natural solutions and invite them to change lives.
  2. Support:
    I support my customers to success in their health goals and I support my business builders to success in their prosperity goals.


This video will help to clarify this. Natalie Goddard(in this video) is an amazing woman. You can truly feel her heart to help others. It’s this sentiment that allows the growth of this business to be organic and heartfelt.

You can access the Share Guide that she refers to in this video at this link right here:

Why Network Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?

  1. It’s the epitome of a small business, but without the store-front. It is direct selling so you don’t have to house the products.
  2. It is not a pyramid scheme because the items you pay for get mailed to you.
  3. The goal is to put as much cash into your hand and cut out the middle-man. Instead of a store-front where you pay for lights, electricity, health insurance for employees, and rent for a store front, you get the cash.
  4. You will grow faster (via salary and job levels) in an MLM than working 9-5 in corporate because you get to promote yourself with the hard work you put in.
  5. You get to meet a need in the world and make a difference and change lives!


There was a time in my life that I dreamed of the life I currently have. I dreamed of waking up each morning excited about what I do. I dreamed of having the time freedom to travel and spend time with my 3 kiddos whenever and wherever I wish. I dreamed of a harmonious life with balance between work, motherhood, and wellness.

Today, it is not a dream. It is a reality. But for years I thought it would never be possible. I was stuck in the corporate world that squeezed every bit of joy and fulfillment out of me. I felt uninspired and dissatisfied about what I do, but I didn’t see a way out. I spent too many days away from my family building someone’s dreams and vision. I wanted more out of life so I can be a better role model for my children, but I didn’t know how.

Until I found doTERRA. Or doTERRA found me.

I was first mesmerized by the physical benefits that these oils gave me, then the emotional shift, and finally, the light bulb hit me!

I could start a business with doTERRA to share my love of essential oils with others. Fast forward to today – it is this work that has allowed me the freedom to be a homeschooling mom, to travel with my family, to invest in the healthiest lifestyle and products for us. And the cherry on top is that I get to do that with incredible men and women who share the same passion and values!

No doubt – doTERRA has the best essential oils in the world, and their company culture is beyond amazing. But to me, doTERRA is so much more than that – ‘the Gift of the Earth’ has given me a new lease on life. I am proud to have become the woman that I am today, creating the life of my dreams while genuinely helping others to do the same!


dōTERRA’s Generous Compensation Plan is a proven vehicle to create powerful, lasting residual income while incentivizing synergy and collaboration.

Our compensation plan is rooted in the doTERRA culture: team work and lifting one another up.

These images show you what the average monthly incomes are for various ranks.

I loved the oils but it wasn’t until I saw the income potential that I really got excited about setting time aside to build an actual business with doTERRA.

What rank do you see yourself building to in the next 5 years? Next 2 years? Within the next year?


The average monthly payouts per rank include all of the payouts described in this video:

  1. Fast Start Bonus
  2. Power of 3 Bonus
  3. Unilevel
  4. Rank Bonus

YOUR MESS IS YOUR MESSAGE with Robin and Leland Jones.

They have a great doTERRA journey. She talks about how “your mess is your message.” There is no “right time” to get going, just decide and move forward. You are in the exact right place to start creating your business.

Each of us has the opportunity to create and live the life we desire. With dōTERRA you can build an abundant financial pipeline to allow yourself to be free to give.


  1. A) Earning More: 
    -Generous Savings Account
    -Financial Freedom
    -Charitable Giving
  2. B) Working Smarter:
    -Time Freedom
    -Building My Dreams
    -Financial Planning and Preparedness
  3. C) Doing What You Love:

 Partner with dōTERRA and get where you want to be.

Which path is best for you?

A) Pay for your product
B) Supplement your income
C) Replace your income

Your goals may change as time goes on as well. For me, I want the time and financial freedom to connect with people, enhance wellness, benefit the world and help people return back to LOVE!

What do you see yourself creating in the next year? It’s all possible!

If you’re wondering “What’s Next” with getting started with your doTERRA Business it’s very very simple.

  1. LIVE the doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle
    -Experience the oils. Get enrolled. Have a one-on-one intro with the person who invited you to the class.
    -Get a Wellness Consult with the person who enrolled you and go through the Live Guide, making it easy to adopt the doTERRA Lifestyle into your own life.
    -Use your doTERRA products daily.
  2. SHARE
    -Who will you share doTERRA with? Start your Names List
    -Get a Share Guide to learn “how” to share doTERRA with TOTAL EASE and authenticity.
    -Share a “presentation” with 3+ people to get your feet wet
    -Choose your pace. What is your 30 Day Goal? 60 Day Goal? 90 Day Goal?
    -Schedule your Launch Guide Overview and check out the Empowered Success section on doTERRA.com  to learn more.

If you want to learn how to get started with your doTERRA Biz, connect with me.

I am looking for people who:

  • Are committed and capable and not just interested
  • Will activate and show up when they say they will
  • Not distracted by different shiny objects
  • Not actively building with another Networking Marketing Company (FOCUS is the key to growth. When your focus and resources are scattered, growth is stunted)
  • Are self motivated
  • Are ready to serve

If you (in the words of John Maxwell) have all of the following LEADERSHIP skills below, or want to grow in those skills, we would love to have you on our team. I can help you hone down on  your purpose and vision, but you have to do the work to accomplish your goals.

Great Faith + Massive Action = an explosion in MIRACLES.

Do you have these LEADERSHIP SKILLS?

  • Catalyst
  • Influencer
  • Relationship Builder
  • Gatherer
  • Value Adder
  • Opportunist
  • Finisher

Contact me at grace@gracefulpurpose.com or one of our other Team Members so we can explore the possibilities.

Love and Wellness,


Change Lives & Create An Income. Free To Travel. Free To Give.