My Story and Results:

One of the greatest gifts from heaven is our rambunctious, smart, and curious 7-year-old son. He is a little prankster and makes us laugh every day.

Even though he is very healthy now, life during his first 4-5 years was miserable. He was constantly afflicted with respiratory issues, ear discomfort and seasonal and environmental threats.

We incessantly had to take time-off of work to take him to doctor visits. We lived with guilt every day for not being able to stay at home with our son long enough to get him to a healthier state. We never got any sleep, we would be tired all day and night (which weakened our immune system), and eventually…we the parents, would end up sick as well.

We tried warm and cold humidifiers which did not work. The only thing that seemed to provide natural respiratory relief was when we would put eucalyptus essential oil in his bath and rub it under his feet mixed with grapeseed carrier oil. However, the relief was only temporary.

What we didn’t know back then was that the effectiveness of those same essential oils could have been diffused in his bedroom (especially at night) to strengthen his immune system. We wished we had known about the benefits of a diffuser in his earlier years. We could have saved on expenses, time, gas, energy, and decreased the constant worry and stress over our son’s health and well being.

The use of natural remedies may not be the only way to heal. Everyone’s body make up is different. There have been many times my family has benefited from modern day Western medicine. But for my home, our first line of defense is to use natural remedies such as essential oils because we’ve experienced its positive effects on our overall health.

At my last corporate job, a vendor left me a brochure and 2 oils. The information was interesting, and the samples of lavender and wild orange oils smelled so lovely, but in my busyness, I filed the info away and did nothing with the valuable information. When I travelled to Peru during my sabbatical, we stayed at Inka Terra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and took a medicinal plant tour on their grounds. Being in the rain cloud forest where we were able to touch and smell many plants and trees, and learn their medicinal purposes, motivated me to study the benefits of herbs and essential oils. I finally pulled out the essential oil info that I filed away, and a new relationship began.

What is an Essential Oil?

Have you ever squeezed an orange peel or walked through a garden of flowers and enjoyed their fragrances? If so, you have already experienced an example of the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Essential oils are found in the bark, seeds, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. While essential oils are vital in the development and health of plants, individuals have long been able to benefit from their natural benefits in many aspects of day-to-day life.

Oils are extracted from bark, seeds, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of the plant using two main techniques:

1. Low-Heat Distillation: Essential oils are most often extracted from plants through distillation, a process in which steam is circulated under pressure through plant material, liberating the plant’s aromatic compounds into the steam. As the steam cools, the mixture condenses and the essential oils are collected in their purest form.

2. Cold Pressed: A process used to extract oils from citrus rinds by using low heat and pressure.

Today, we diffuse essential oils in our home daily to lift up our moods, clean the air, calm us down, and help our respiratory issues caused by pollen and allergens during this severe California drought. And it works! We also use essential oils topically, and make natural home cleaners, antibacterial sprays, facial toners to name the many uses. With proper care, preventative measures and nutrition (decreasing the most common food allergens, increasing fruits and veggies, exercise, and using essential oils) our household is rarely sick. We are now saving time, energy, and money and are no longer constantly worried about our son’s health.

My husband and I are currently facilitating a Wednesday night Financial Peace Class at my church where I bring the diffuser with me to pilot and create an uplifting atmosphere during class. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback on how the diffused oils have helped class recipient’s respiratory issues, uplifted their mood, and due to the pleasant aroma, they are ready to dive into the class (essential peppermint oil keeps the night class engaged and alert)!

I learned:

  • I have the power to strengthen the immune system of my home and community naturally using essential oils.
  • Diffusing peppermint, lavender, and lemon is a great benefit for seasonal and environmental threats and uplifting moods.
  • Everyone would benefit having a diffuser in the home and office!

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