Wellness Consultant FAQ’s

Q: Why Start A doTERRA Business?


  1. Sky is the limit when it comes to income.
  • You can make as much as you want
  • I have met a few people living that dream
  1. There’s Never Been A Better Time to Start This Wellness Journey
  • More and more people are getting sicker. Healthcare is failing. People are turning to natural remedies to prevent side effects.
  • There is a ton of scientific studies out regarding essential oils.
  • Healthcare Industries now want to partner with Wellness Advocates for better health
  1. You are Your Own Boss and You Set Your Own Hours
  • Quality time with your family
  1. Your Beneficiaries Gets Your Residual Income
  2. You Can Take Time Off and Still Get Paid!
  3. Relationships
  • Team Leadership, Team Growth
  • Like Minded Community
  • The oils open up people to you
  1. Guaranteed Bonuses
  2. Financial Freedom
  • You can be debt free
  • Free to live any where you want
  • Free to give
  • If you hit a rank every year (or sooner), in 10 years, you can be a millionaire!
  • Free to live out your “WHY”

Q: Do you offer support to those who join Graceful Purpose if and when they choose to turn it into a business? If so, are you involved with the Wellness Consultants?

A: Yes! I offer free wellness coaching to all consultants. In addition, if you want to build a business, I’m here to support and guide you to resources so you can earn income.

Q: How do you make money?

A: I use, learn, and share. I’m not a pushy network marketer. I just like to share the oils to connect and enhance wellness in homes.

Q: Is this MLM/Network Marketing?

A: Yes, this is a network marketing company. And I like that.

Some product brands choose to use their marketing budgets conventionally, paying for advertising and trying to get their products in big stores. doTERRA pays individuals to spread the word about the product, giving them a commission of sales. Profits made also go to farmers in 3rd World Communities to pay their salaries, and build schools and programs to keep kids safe from sex trafficking.

I like network marketing because:

  • Earning ability. I get to choose how well I do. If I don’t make a lot of money, it’s all me. If I do, well, that’s me, too. You can create your own financial freedom.
  • Meeting a need in the world. More and more are getting sicker so people are seeking to remove toxins from their bodies and homes and are looking for more natural ways to heal. doTERRA is a great vehicle via network marketing. You get to help as many people as you want.
  • Discounts. It’s great to get a discount on products I use and daily. Oh, and I get paid when I share it with others. I wish that was the case with other products I use on a regular basis.
  • Network. I like the network aspect because I like to connect with people. It also gives me the opportunity to help people who want to make money sharing the benefits of essential oils.  I like teaching and helping other people be successful in the physical, mental and spiritual wellness of their family and people around them.
  • You can learn while you earn. And you don’t have to have the perfect presentation while you are sharing the benefits of essential oils.
  • Leadership. You will be forced to grow exponentially within a small period of time because you will constantly be working on your own personal development. There is no other 9-5 corporate job that will allow you to hit ranks faster, have fun and grow as fast as doTERRA.

Q: Why Network Multi Level Marketing (MLM)?


  1. It’s the epitome of a small business, but without the store-front and all of the fees you would have to pay. It is direct selling so you don’t have to house the products.
  2. It is not a pyramid scheme because the items you pay for get mailed to you.
  3. The goal is to put as much cash into the Wellness Advocate’s hand and cut out the middle-man. Instead of a store front where you pay for lights, electricity, health insurance for employees, and rent for a store front, you get the cash.
  4. You will grow faster in an MLM than working 9-5 in corporate because you get to promote yourself with the hard work you put in.
  5. You get to make a difference and change lives!

Reach out to me to see if my team is a good fit for you.