Hello, my name is Grace Dancel. I live in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, mentor, and a trusted advisor and friend. I enjoy beach days, reading, yoga, music, good eats, travel with my family, and belly laughs.


I would like to connect with diverse communities around the world to enhance physical, mental, spiritual, and financial wellness that benefits the world.

Possible Benefits Include:

  • Health improvement, money and time management, increased energy, becoming a change agent, and better relationships
  • Feeling happier, finding purpose, and having more confidence

It is my hope that the Good Lord continues to provide so that the profits made by my husband and I flows through us to bless others through philanthropic missions, volunteering and teaching.


  • Create more time with family and rediscover the lost art of play
  • Focus on the essentials; have less stuff, escape from the day to day, and explore life
  • Work at the highest level of contribution
  • Live with gratitude and pray for people worldwide


God will put you in positions you didn’t even apply for.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be running my own doTERRA business and helping people heal through natural plants/essential oils, work for With Grace Hospice to be around death and dying and help patients and their families find truth and peace before leaving the earth, go out into the mission fields with my family to serve, visit an orphanage, orchestrate community events, be in a team of effective church leaders and use my corporate skills to create change, and run With Grace Foundation with the biggest hearts and smartest people of the Silicon Valley!

Wow! How amazing is our God who pulled me out of a comfortable, good paying 9-5 job under a great Chief Financial Officer in Mountain View to do some of the most uncomfortable things for His Kingdom and meet some of the most powerful influencers so together we can do a great work.

I am grateful for my vendors, managers, mentors, sponsors, spiritual elders, church, family, and long-time friends who have always spoke life, and supported me to pursue my purpose.

Continue to cruise my site to see what may be in store for you.