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See below for all of the healthy options you can gift a loved one. All of our products are natural, and you will also be making positive changes for our planet. Read how.

Our doTERRA oils and products are not only completely cherished but also totally transformational for energy, better sleep and enhanced quality of life.

Could you imagine giving someone happiness in a bottle?  You’ll never get closer than giving a gift from doTERRA. If you have not yet tried any doTERRA products, contact me and I will be happy to ship you a sample.

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Pamper your mom this holiday season by gifting her natural solutions to help her feel pampered and nourished.

She’ll feel amazing from head to toe using the bath bars, the body scrub and hydrating body butter. Or if you want to really splurge on mom (she deserves it right?) then gift her the full doTERRA spa kit! It’s a gift she’ll cherish every single day.

Aaaand, if mom has trouble sleeping (as many moms do no matter their age) gift her the the Serenity duo. The Serenity blend promotes a calm mind and the Serenity softgels helps promote adequate Melatonin release while quelling stress, naturally.

Bath Bars- $6.75   (5pv)
Body Scrub- $19.50  (15pv)
Body Butter-$17.50  (15pv)
Full Spa Kit- $94.00  (69pv)
Serenity Combo Pack- $45  (40pv)



Do you feel like you could use a little hormone reset? A boost in the bedroom? A way to reconnect with your inner feminine?

This floral trio is aaalllll about reconnecting with your inner sensuality.

Rose Touch: The long awaited queen of oils is finally available for purchase! You can now get your hands on one of the most precious oils in the world and use it to help eliminate irritability, help you relax, soothe tension AND BEST OF ALL, boost healthy hormone levels. Oh! And Rose will even help to balance the moisture levels in your skin to reduce the appearance of imperfections.

Neroli Touch: We joked around in some of my oil groups calling this one #nightstand Neroli! Seriously, Neroli has been used for centuries for female sensuality and to enhance bedtime fun 

Jasmine Touch: Jasmine is a very famous flower. It has a strong yet sweet, pleasing, and romantic fragrance, which is very common in flowers that bloom only at night. The jasmine flower is often associated with romance and love. This flower blooms only at night and fills the surroundings with its unmistakable and alluring fragrance

Rose- $75  (75pv)
Neroli- $74  (47pv)
Jasmine- $42  (42pv)

Have you tried any of these lovely and precious oils? What was your favorite thing about them?



Keeping Dad sharp, happy and spry is maybe the best gift ever! Check out some of these amazing doTERRA tools that can help your Dad stay active and able to do all the things that bring him joy all year long.

-Deep Blue Rub: soothes achy joints and helps foster healing of damaged tissue

-Frankincense: This powerful oil is nourishing to the brain, helping to keep dad sharp and help keep his mood uplifted.

-Copaiba: Combine Copaiba with Frankincense to really help Dad stay focused and calm. This powerful combination is wonderful for the aging Dad or for the Dad who needs help with focus.

-Lemon: Any citrus oil is going to help Dad stay youthful and spry as citrus essential oil is extremely renewing and uplifting! 1-2 drops per 10-16 oz of water in a glass water bottle daily can do wonders for helping to purify the gut and keep his body well detoxed, both key factors in maintaining (or achieving) optimal health!

Deep Blue Rub- $29.25  (29.25pv)
Frankincense- $69.75  (69.75pv)
Copaiba- $35.00  (35pv)
Lemon- $10.00 (10pv)




For the beautiful teachers in your kids’ lives, wouldn’t it be great to gift them something that can be enjoy each and every day? doTERRA oils are like gifting happiness and joy in a bottle. And when the lives of our teachers are happy, we get to see it bubble over into their classrooms too.
Here are some AMAZING gift ideas for teachers ….


On Guard: Super immune builder for little germs givers and you!
Cleaning ALL surfaces, knobs and handles
Add to water for preventive immune strength
Diffuser for cleansing the air.
Kids love the comforting smell.

Wild Orange: Uplifting happy sunshine in a bottle. Inhale for teacher and diffuse for kids and teacher. Perfect for that afternoon energy slump especially paired with peppermint. You can inhale them together or add to your glass water bottle

Peppermint: Energizing and freshen breathe. Digestive support. Head tension.
Use In water for the afternoon energy slump paired with Wild Orange
Excellent in the diffuser for focus when testing. Ideal when paired with Wild Orange

Deep Blue: For tired feet and back.
Soothes muscles and joints. Cramps and head tension.
It helps release tension of all types……..lower those shoulders!

Lavender: Everything calming! Perfect for a rowdy classroom.
Calm teacher equals calm kiddos and a positive day.
Diffuse for a relaxing learning environment.
For teacher anything skin health
Great for sleep so teachers are refreshed and at their best ready for anything.

OnGuard- $32.00 (32pv)
Wild Orange-$10.50  (10.50pv)
Peppermint- $20.50  (20.5pv)
Deep Blue- $32.00  (32pv)
Lavender- $21.00  (21pv)

***Have you gifted doTERRA to the wonderful teachers in your life? What have they loved?***



I’m soooo that granola friend who would totally freak if I got this Yoga Kit as a gift. I even freaked out when I bought it for myself! LOL

This collection of essential oils is an incredible tool for yoga and meditation practice. Use all three during your session to really feel all the benefits of this aromatic experience.

Start off the meditation or yoga session with Arise – the Enlightening blend – to uplift mood and help rise up.
Follow it with dōTERRA Anchor – the Steadying blend – to restore balance and stillness.
And end with dōTERRA Align – the Centering blend – to connect with your inner peace and purpose.

This beautiful kit is meant to sit like a little alter, allowing your friend to take her essential oils with her and be able to experience her own meditation and yoga sessions even during times of travel.

Yoga Kit trio: $52.00  (50PV)

Have you tried this Yoga trio kit yet? What was your favorite thing about it?



My husband was such a skeptic when we first got oils in our home. Now, we have fights over him stealing mine all the time!

Here are some popular male essentials that most of my guy friends in doTERRA love:

-Peppermint beadlets: Keeps him alert and focused throughout the day
-Deep Blue: Soothes aches and pains and keeps him feeling spry and youthful
-Motivate: Helps him kick start his day feeling like a rockstar
-Balance + Cedarwood: The musky combo keeps him grounded and cool as a cucumber when stress starts to build
-Copaiba: Keeps inflammation down and helps him fall into a deep and much deserved restful sleep

Peppermint Beadlets: $ 11.50pv
Deep Blue Rub: $29.25  (29.25pv)
Motivate Touch: $15.00  15pv
Balance: $20.00  (20pv)
Cedarwood: $13.00 (13pv)
Copaiba: $35.00  (35pv)

Do the men in your life love essential oils? What are their favorites?



These oils are a dream come true for your Crossfit, Weight Lifters, Jiu Jitsu, Spinning and Weekend Warrior friends!!!

Each one of these oils helps with performance, recovery and tissue rejuvenation!

Brandin Cooks, Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots recently shared on Instagram “My lifestyle as a professional athlete can take it’s toll physically and mentally, but #doterra has given me a holistic approach to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeps me at the top of my game. Proud to join the doTERRA family!”

Deep Blue helps with tissue repair AND soothes achy muscles. Apply before workout to warm up muscles and perform like a pro, every time.

AromaTouch is more like massage in a bottle. Apply over tired muscles before bed each night or for a little muscle comfort during your day. Seriously, this blend on achy feet at night is WONDERFUL!

Copaiba is extremely anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve discomfort. A few drops under the tongue can also help calm an over active mind and ease tense muscles before bed for a sweet, deep slumber.

Peppermint + Wild Orange together is extremely invigorating and gives you the boost and encouragement needed to make it to your workouts, even on the days when you may be resisting it! It’s like motivation in a bottle !

Have you used doTERRA for sports recovery? What has been your favorite oils?

Peppermint- $20.50  (20.5pv)
Wild Orange- $10.50  (10.5pv)
Deep Blue Rub: $29.25  (29.25pv)
Deep Blue Touch- $41.75   (41.75pv)
Copaiba- $35.00  (35pv)



Natural solutions for soothing baby and empowering new moms maybe one of the best gifts ever!

The natural diaper bag essentials are DigestZen Touch to soothe occasional stomach aches, Correct-X to soothe sensitive skin, On Guard Sanitizing Mist to keep hands clean and Lavender to reduce anxious feelings and soothe skin irritations.

Roman Chamomile can also be wonderful for the baby (and mom) who is having a tough time with the teething process. Roman Chamomile helps to soothe discomfort and calm baby.

DigestZen Touch Blend- $20.25  (20.25pv)
CorrectX- $12.00  (10pv)
OnGuard Sanitizing Mist- $6.50  (5pv)
Lavender- $21.00  (21pv)
Roman Chamomile- $45.00  (45pv)

Have you used oils with your baby or grand baby? What are your favorites?


How does it get any better than that? Just contact me personally and I will mail out your: